Saturday, March 1, 2008


Animal or Human Rights?
Gazala Hassan
The scarcity of mutton in the valley since month’s wait is near to end now. The shortage of mutton hit the valley when the Bakra Mandi dealers, Delhi had called for an indefinite strike.

The strike was called as a mark of protest against the harassment these dealers face by the workers of People for Animals, (PFA) an N.G.O which has shelter all over India for animals, laid by Manika Gandhi. The reasons that led to the furore among the animal lovers is reported to be importing of sheep in overloaded trucks against the capacity, as about 140 sheep are carried in trucks of about 40 intake capacity.
These animal lovers indeed, are blessed to owe human hearts in their bosoms. Their concern deserves rewards. They feel the pain which these speechless animals suffer, the congestion, suffocation and discomfort these poor creatures suffer when imported in overloaded trucks. After all we are humans, the crown of creation, cannot deny animals their rights.
The animal rights! In this context the authorities are held accountable and answerable. The matter is assured to be taken up with angry animal right activists and higher authorities there in Delhi. There is nothing surprising in it, as time and again Manika Gandhi (environment and animal lover) has every right to question the world's largest democracy for protecting animal rights. She is very much committed towards preserving animal rights, who also used to host weekly television show 'Heads and Tails' highlighting the sufferings of animals.
But, what pains is the criminal silence over the massacre of rights of Kashmiri human rights. It is pathetic as well as funny to talk about animal rights when we Kashmiri are deprived of 'right to life'. We are living under the black laws .Needless to mention from past 18 years now; blood of Kashmiris has been and is being splashed out on the streets. The fear chokes our daily routine, the traumatic disorders, mass rape; abduction, fake encounters, surprising raids, harassment and frisking are the blazing scenes Kashmiris face every day. Occupational forces enjoy special privileges and need no reason to put you behind the bars wherein, many Kashmiris on records and off the records enlist as disappeared and someday are revealed to be resting in Tihar jail. They are brutally made to confess under duress. A naïve Kashmiri is threatened the naked parade of his wife and is made to confess and succumb to what he never did. The blank ink will brim with the colour of blood and the written words will cry aloud the pangs which go unheard here in the valley.
The hue and cry over the import of animals in overloaded trucks is an irony to every conscious and keen Kashmiri observer. Talking about animal rights in a place where people are deprived of human rights is nonsense. In addition to grave violation of 'right to life', humans (Kashmiris) are every day made to travel in overloaded busses. On an average the general local buses with an intake capacity of 20 to 25 people carries double its capacity. It is a common sight to see bus tops also occupied and carrying people. This is disgusting and for this matter our responsible authorities are playing very irresponsible. Common public is left helpless with no alternative but, to bore the overloaded busses and thus facing all the discomforts, worst sufferers being women. How lucky are the animals that have People for animals (PFA), behind them to plead their cases but how unfortunate are “We the Kashmiris”!

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